How to Use RipFix®

RipFix® is a beeswax-based product that helps to seal in moisture and protect your skin. Because of its natural antibacterial properties, beeswax assists in speeding cell healing and development without clogging pores. With the front of your fingernail, scoop out RipFix® as needed and massage lightly onto cuticles, eczema, lips and blistered, burned, cracked, chafed or dry skin.

For tattoo aftercare, gently apply a thin layer of RipFix® onto the fresh tattoo. RipFix® seals and protects your skin, allowing the tattoo to heal quicker. Recommended application is twice daily until the tattoo is healed.

For a fresh rip it is best to clean and cut all hanging/loose skin then disinfect and dry the wound. Apply a generous amount of RipFix® to the area to instantly soothe your wound. Leave it on the wound for as long as possible, though overnight works best. If necessary, cover with cotton gauze (or a clean sock) to allow the wound to dry. RipFix® will speed up the recovery, getting you back to your training with less down time.

To prevent rips, file down your hardened calluses daily using a pumice stone (the harder and bigger the calluses, the more likely they are to rip). Apply RipFix® every night—it will make your calluses more pliable and less likely to rip.

How to Use and Care for your Pumice Stone

Callus Removal: Remove thicker calluses gradually over time. Soak and lather well to soften skin. Using a wet pumice stone (recommended), scrub gently—increase pressure based on your comfort level, make sure to remove all hanging/loose skin. Rinse often to slough away dead skin, pat dry and apply RipFix® to affected area.

Pumice Care: Handle with care as rocks can fracture if dropped. To unclog residue build-up, soak pumice in hot soapy water with a wire brush and rinse well. Allow pumice to air dry (or let the sun do it for you).

Caution: This pumice is exactly as found in nature. Some stones may contain sharp craters—always use with caution. Do not use on inflamed skin, rips, open wounds, or severe heel cracks as grit will irritate. Please note that stone may scratch porcelain and stainless steel.

What are the ingredients in RipFix©?

RipFix© contains a proprietary blend of camphor, beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil, honey, and petroleum jelly.

Do I need a pumice stone?

If you’re on our website, the answer is probably yes. Pumice stones are a great tool for filing down dead skin and hardened calluses. They are critical in hand care maintenance and preventing calluses from getting too big and too hard and eventually tearing. To prevent rips, file down your hardened calluses using the pumice stone the harder and bigger they are, the more likely they will rip. Apply RipFix© every night; it will make your calluses more yielding and less likely to tear off.

Why are your pumice stones so special?

Our stones are 100% natural, unadulterated volcanic pumice rock (harvested from a riverbed in the US), and are far more abrasive than the uniformly-shaped, mass-produced pumice stones, which means it’s more effective at smoothing calluses and dead skin. Depending on application and frequency of use, they can last for years.

What is the shelf life of RipFix?

Don’t worry, you’ll use your tin long before it expires (we recommend replacing it after 12 months).

When will my order ship?

Typically your order will ship within 24 hours of payment (weekends and holidays being the exception)
How long will it take for my order to arrive? Domestic orders have a 2-3 day transit time and International orders have a 6-10 day average transit time for standard shipping. Wholesale orders within the US are sent UPS ground, and the transit time for that is 2-5 days.

Should I apply RipFix© right before my workout?

You should not use RipFix© less than one hour before you work out. RipFix© is intended to be applied after your workout to soothe and repair over-worked hands.

What else can I use RipFix© for?

RipFix© is great for bar rips, chapped lips, rashes, eczema, rough feet, blemishes, dry skin, scabs and minor burns.

How often should I use RipFix©?

Every night.

I received a sample tin, what’s the difference in size between the sample tin and the retail size tin?

The sample tin contains approximately .5 ounces of product, whereas the regular size tin contains approximately 1.5 ounces of product.

How do I place a bulk order?

Contact Us for information.

How do I get RipFix© at my event?

Contact Us and we will pass the info along to our Marketing Team.

Will it help me do more pull-ups?

Hard work and dedication will help you do more pull-ups but if you happen to tear your hands while training, RipFix© will help you get back to your pull-ups quicker. RipFix© is a miracle skin cream, not a miracle muscle cream.

Will it make me more desirable?

Absolutely! Who wants to be touched by hard, callused hands?

Does RipFix© contain Parabens?

No, we use all natural ingredients.

Is it hypo-allergenic?

We have never had any complaints, but for those that are concerned, we suggest that you check out our ingredients and consult your physician.

How do I get RipFix© in my CrossFit box?
HELP!! I need RipFix© like yesterday how can I get a tin ASAP?

No worries, we can overnight your order, all you need to do is Contact Us.