Robin Stewart

Robin Stewart-Ribeiro PortraitRobin grew up in Toronto, Canada and has spent most of her life in a gym of some sort. At age 4, she started her gymnastics career and worked her way up to become a top level competitive gymnast. Unfortunately, she ruptured her achilles heel right before what would have been her Olympic trial year; it was the boycott year so she wouldn’t have gone anyway.

She paid her way through college teaching aerobics (yes, step class in leg warmers and very high cut leotards) and has been a fitness educator for over 20 years. In 2008 Robin moved to Franklin, TN from Los Angeles, CA for a life change. During her time in LA she worked as an actress and a certified personal trainer.

In 2012, Robin reignited her love of the fitness industry after joining a CrossFit box and realized she found where all retired gymnasts should train. It was a place where they could show off their kipping abilities and feel competitive again.

When she started CrossFit she saw the need for hand care (who knows rips better than a CrossFitting former gymnast?!) and she knew it was time to market her family’s “miracle cream”. With the encouragement of her CrossFit community and a great business partnership with Cecilia, RipFix was launched.

Robin is a single Mother of two beautiful, high achieving girls, her 25 year old is a Medical Student at Johns Hopkins University and her 10 year old is a State Champion level 5 Gymnast.

She believes in hard work, perseverance, fun and lives by the motto “You are only as old as you look from behind”.