Testimonials from our Customers and Vendors

  • I am a CrossFit mom! I use and love your rip fix for my hands and recommend it to everyone! That is not what I'm contacting you about. Knowing the ingredients I use it for something else that just amazed me. My 10.5 month old daughter sometimes gets very sensitive diaper rash. I thought to myself what do I have to protect against wetness and heal at the same time because none of the rash creams I had were helping. Some made the irritation worse when applied. I grabbed my rip fix and applied some with no pain to her. The next time I changed her diaper she didn't have any sensitivity to the area when wiped! I now only use your product of she gets a little diaper rash spot! thank you!!! If you haven't marketed your product this way you should because it is better then any of the leading rash ointments out there!

    Kristin H.
  • After getting introduced into cross-fit, there were a few tough things I had to get used to. The typical post wod pain that follows a workout like Fran or Murph, and having multiple rips every time I grabbed the Rings or hung from a bar. I couldn't do 5 toes to bar or a muscle up without ripping. Butterflies or kipping...those were a definite rip waiting to happen. Naturally I just got used to covering up a handful of rips & blood with tape and dealing with the pain day after day. I heard some hype about a "miracle cream" and figured it was time to put it to the test. Since the day I first used RipFix, rips are less frequent & not such a big deal looking down at a palm full of blood and chalk. I've let many people try it and they ordered thier own that day. If its competition or a normal day at the gym, there's always going to be some RipFix in my bag. This stuff is worth every bit of hype and deserves to be spread. It is "the shit." Thanks Robin for everything you have done!

    Jeremy Winter Crossfit Brio
  • Robin we spent a few days at the beach with the family. On the beach my feet arches and ankles were badly sunburned. I tried aloe and burn spray. Nothing! I then tried your RipFix. OMG in minutes I could bend my ankles without pain. Thank You. Much success for your new product. Love, Marie.

    Marie RipFix User
  • Ok, you win, I really thought I was ripped too bad for it to work well but did a pull up yesterday, I definitely owe you one!

    Coach Shane Crossfit Music City
  • I actually have been doing a good job of shaving down my callouses until today. Today was Nicole and I ripped a callous right in the palm of my right hand and had to be in the ER later for work. I freakishly remembered the sample that was in a cabinet and grabbed it. I AM HIGHLY IMPRESSED. I applied a little bit around 10:30am yesterday and a few times here and there throughout the day. Here I am almost done with my shift at 12:41 am and it's literally almost healed. You got a believer here. I'll be telling everyone at the box starting tomorrow. Hope business is good. Take care.

    ER Doctor