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Winnies RipFix Hand Treatment

Winnie’s RipFix® is the ideal product for hands damaged from working out. It helps maintain good calluses, aids against tearing, takes the sting out of rips and speeds up recovery. Nearly every gym and fitness enthusiast has had calluses and torn skin. Calluses forming on your hands or feet is an inevitable part of training. Unfortunately, calluses can sometimes tear causing terrible pain. It makes working out much more difficult and in some cases the time in the gym has to be postponed until your hands have a chance to heal.

Calluses generally are nothing more than thicker areas of skin. They form from the repetitive friction and pressure on the skin. A callus typically appears on the hands from lifting or feet from cardio. It’s a protective barrier that is more resistant to the force and friction. But if your hands and feet aren’t cared for correctly, then calluses can become a nuisance, and worst, rip right off. A callus tear takes time to heal and throws your training schedule completely off.

If you get hand rips from exercise, then Winnie’s RipFix® is the remedy for you. RipFix is the only product on the market that is made by a family of athletes specifically for hand tears. It takes the sting out of a rip instantly, so you can quickly get back to training. Simply apply to affected area soon after a rip occurs and every night before bed until healed. Keeping the affected area moisturized with RipFix will get you back on your exercise routine in no time.

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Winnies RipFix

If you get hand RIPS this is the remedy for you. RipFix is the only product on the market that is made by a family of athletes specifically for hand tears. It takes the sting out of a rip instantly, so you can quickly get back to training. To use simply apply to affected area soon after RIP occurs and every night before bed until healed.

Weight: Approximately 1.5 ounces per tin.
Ingredients: Petroleum Jelly, Beeswax, Camphor, Coconut Oil, Honey, Tea Tree Oil.

Pumice Stone

100% natural, unadulterated volcanic pumice rock. Our pumice stone is far more abrasive than the uniformly-shaped, mass-produced pumice stones, which means it’s more effective at smoothing calluses and dead skin. Depending on application and frequency of use, this stone can last for years. Harvested in the US.

Weight: Approximately 0.6 ounces per stone.
Ingredients: 100% natural, unadulterated volcanic pumice rock.

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Areas of Use


Gymnasts are the original hand rippers.  Even with thick leather grips gymnasts rip.  It’s inevitable! Chalk (which is very drying) + friction from swinging the bars = Ripping!! Even the most seasoned gymnast will rip.  Some times, the grips themselves cause ripping.  A gymnast must always stay on top of their hand care, because we know that a huge rip can keep you benched for a few critical training days.  Gymnasts should moisturize their hands nightly.  RipFix is a perfect product for Gymnast hands.  RipFix heals up a Rip super quick and also provides the daily nourishment a gymnast needs to keep his or her callused hands pliable and healthy.


When avid CrossFitters talk about their sport, it is inevitable that “ripped hands” come into the conversation. CrossFitters develop huge calluses from all the bar work. If left untreated, those calluses turn into rips. RipFix is not only an amazingly quick rip remedy, but when used daily along with a pumice stone, it is a great preventative and maintenance tool – helping your hands stay primed for your sport. The bigger the calluses the bigger the rips; keep them maintained and supple with RipFix.


Drummers who play hard can get terrible blisters from the sticks rubbing against their fingers. Often, you will see drummers with tape around their fingers or gloves, but even with protection, drummers that play hard still get hand rips. Our clientele of drummers love RipFix because it eases the pain after a hard set.

Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is becoming a much talked about sport – yes sport! The word pole generally makes one think solely of stripping, however, have you ever witnessed a pole fitness competition? Pole fitness combines grace, incredible strength, and performance. Pole Fitness athletes not only tear their hands on the bar, they tear behind the knee, neck, inside the elbow, thighs, etc. Their bodies take a beating when learning new skills. RipFix helps relieve all burning and ripping from the pole and helps ease the pain, so you can continue workouts with less down time.


Parkour has become a worldwide phenomenon. Parkour involves seeing one’s environment in a new way by turning your surroundings into your own personal obstacle course. Scaling walls, propelling off trees, leaping over gaps, and precision rolls come with all sorts of cuts, scrapes, turf burns, and rips. Every parkour athlete needs to have a tin of RipFix in their pocket at all times.

Highland Games

Not many sports are like the Scottish Highland Games. These men in kilts actually throw trees or as they call it, the caber toss! The caber toss can wreak havoc on your hands. Athletes from the Highland Games have found RipFix to relieve all the hand wounds their sport brings. Carrying tradition can be tough work, we are so glad RipFix offers the relief they need.


Grips help protect, but even with grips, rips happen – just ask a gymnast. Often, rips can be created from the friction of the grip itself.