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Robin Stewart

It all began with a mother who was tired of looking at the torn up hands of her gymnast daughter.

After trying many traditional options, she knew there had to be a better -- and safer -- way to help her daughter's hands recover from vicious skin rips that athletes experience so very often.

Not only did this mother just find a better way, she unlocked the #1 solution for healing rips & blisters -- all from an old family recipe conjured up in the kitchen of her childhood home.

And remember the little gymnast daughter with torn hands? That was Robin Stewart, the Founder & CEO of RipFix.

Our Story

When Robin's daughter started gymnastics (and Robin began CrossFit) she knew it was time to follow in grandma's footsteps and begin making this "miracle cream", as they called it.

As a kid, Robin called it a miracle because it literally took the sting out of a hand rip overnight and she could get back on the gymnastics bars the very next day.

Ever since Robin launched RipFix using this old family recipe, it's been her mission to share the power of her family's creation with athletes and fitness enthusiasts all around the world.

The recipe for this "miracle cream" has been passed down for generations and is now known as RipFix, the #1 solution for blisters, rips, and beyond.

RipFix -- The #1 Fix for blisters and rips
RipFix -- The #1 Fix for blisters and rips

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RipFix has been owned and operated by the same family of athletes for 3 generations.