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How RipFix heals tattoos quickly and painlessly

I’ve been getting tattooed for 15 years...
I found RipFix sometime in 2014-15. Having just started learning dynamic bar movements in CrossFit -- I tore a lot! I have reached out to Robin over the years to either praise the product or ask a question pertaining to alternate uses, and she always responds so quickly! Most recently I asked about tattoo after care (Palm to face its printed right on the back of the product!) I’ve used a variety of products over the years and tailored my after care routine based on a number of factors- including but not limited to: body part, surface area, exposure risk/usage, environment (yes I had a different routine living in CA than in WA). 
Over the years the ‘ointment’ has changed, but after this most recent experience I’ll never use anything but RipFix! 
Healing process for the knee
Days 1-5:
  • Always clean using unscented antibacterial soap (I stock an industrial size container of Dial)
  • After each wash pat dry (do not rub!) with a clean towel
  • Apply Ripfix liberally to tattooed area- do not cover 
  • I also sleep in clothes that (very loosely) cover the area of the tattoo- I have animals and need to protect the area from pet dander, if this is not an issue for you let the area air out as the clothes can sometimes stick to the area as you sleep and the open area releases plasma
*I was able to run 3 miles the day after getting my knee worked on because I know my bodies response to the ink, have a solid cleaning routine, and know how I heal. I don’t recommend working out/sweating unless you know how your body heals and have a foundation for tattoo aftercare.
*Repeat cleaning/drying/applying RipFix minimum 3x a day depending on activity and exposure
Days 5-7: 
Almost healed! I had some light scabbing/flaking, but zero inching using RipFix!
If you happen to still get the itching sensation in the healing process make sure not to scratch! Use a damp paper towel and lightly touch the area 
I felt confident enough with how well it was healing and how much product remained/protected the area upon waking that I started sleeping in my normal minimal amount of clothes! (Especially for summer)
I don’t typically (nor do I ever recommend) get tattooed in the summer, but now that I have healed a highly used body part in less than two weeks my whole perspective on tattoos and tattoo aftercare has change! In the first week I was able to run a total of 18 miles & 20 miles in week two- along with some isometric weightlifting (including a squat day each week!)
At exactly 14 days it was 100% healed!
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I am going to have to try this on my tattoo and see if it helps heal a little of the scaring that’s coming in and kill the itch.










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