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The World's Toughest Canoe Race || Testimonial

My name is Sean Dickson. I am the owner/operator of CrossFit Riverchase in Birmingham, AL. Last week I competed in a race called the “Texas Water Safari; The Worlds Toughest Canoe Race”. In essence it is a 264 mile canoe race for time beginning in Austin, TX and racing to the Gulf of Mexico. I completed this race in 59 hours and 8 minutes.

What does this have to do with you, RipFix? EASY ANSWER! Your product played and integral role in caring for my hands as I prepared for and competed in this race. One of the (many) aspects of this race that I was warned about is how peoples hands go from hot spots, to blisters to all out slothing away large patches of skin. Needless to say if you cant effectively grip the paddle then you sure as hell cant paddle at all.

In the months leading up to the race I utilized CrossFit styled workouts using kettle bells on the shore of a local lake and would conduct rapid stand up paddle pboard intervals inside the WODs. This allowed me to toughen my grip and identify the areas that were likely going to create hot spots. I would finish sessions by applying RipFix to those hots spots. In time they would no longer get “hot” and I would continue to routinely apply the cream to the areas as preventative maintenance.

Once I arrived in Texas and received my rented race equipment (carbon fiber canoe and paddle), I instantly realized that the paddle diameter was a little smaller than what I had trained with for so many months. As a result of the paddle style and size change, on my final training paddle two days before the race start I felt a sharp hot spot forming within one mile. I finished the 10 mile paddle and simply went back through my preventative maintenance protocol of applying RipFix. Once the race began my team mate and I stayed dedicated to a brief 5 minute “body maintenance” pit stop upon which of course involved applying RipFix to the known areas of concern and any that were beginning.

I completed 264 mile of paddling in fresh and salt water, of which my hands were wet for over 75% of that time. When I hit the finish line 59 hours after I began I had signs of water logging in my callouses but not one single blister…NOT ONE! Thank you RipFix!

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